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Hi! Qarly here! I am a team game and challenge facilitator, collaborative creativity educator, musician, puppeteer, and therapeutic clown. I embrace a variety of disciplines that bolster my natural curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm – I endeavor to have a positive impact everyday.

My educational experiences have ranged from clown school (San Francisco Clown Conservatory) to UC Berkeley (B.A. Psychology) to Summer camp as a camper, counselor, and specialty staff (Girl Scouts of Northern California & Circus Smirkus, VT). I am proud to have been unschooled by my loving and supportive family in the coastal redwood forest of the Santa Cruz mountains.

I currently live in San Francisco in a converted photography studio with my 7 piece music and performing arts troupe, Corpus Callosum.

If you would like to know more about what I am up to now or talk to me about about collaboration, experiential activities, creativity, clowning, curriculums, or something else (!) – drop me a line at q.canant [at] cal.berkeley [dot] edu.


























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