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Trust and Risk

Sunday, April 22, 2012 | 12:25 am

At a high ropes course training I attended recently the wonderful lead, Sam, said, “if you’re not taking risks, you’re not trusting.”

I have been thinking about this and it has been a useful/interesting metric for me to evaluate circumstances in my life regarding trust, both having a strong sense of it and questioning it. Am I taking risks in the places I have trust? Why or why not? What defines a risk for me? Is my trust/risk circuit malfunctioning anywhere – do I risk with little evidence of trust? Is there a way for me to position myself so I can build trust and take risks more? It’s exciting to think, ah! Now I have an risk indicator light that I can notice when I am leveling up trust. On the other hand, when I feel more trust, I can step up to new challenges more confidently. However, it seems like risk taking behavior is easier to notice and figure out that the emotion of trust! Trust is complicated, it’s about prediction.

Knowing when to trust is a skill, too. So how? Experience: starting with little risks, building up to larger ones. We can start to trust in little ways all the time, if we make the increments fit the circumstances.

What are y o u r thoughts about the quote at the top of the post?

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