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Friday, February 3, 2012 | 1:00 am

Going through all of cogfoot (my macbook for the past 4 years) to see what’s there and organize it. I must wrap my head around my digital junk. Some of it is treasure. Incredible treasures. So much of my own history! So much creative potential.

Like most of the other things in my life, my computer is changing too. cogfoot was a gift. The gift is this particular machine, yes, but also it is the gift of technology and having the tools that serve me well. Without cogfoot I would not be able to get my next laptop. The person who gifted me with cogfoot helped teach me to look beyond the particular thing and look to the way it helps you – the function is the key. Maybe that’s just what I tell myself to not get dragged down by nostalgia and grief. It’s a little sad to see cogfoot go. Maybe a lot. But I’m also learning that sometimes you have to let go to move ahead into the future.

Hello, Kaleidoscope.

I am grateful.


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