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Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 11:03 am

I have gained a bit of perspective on my life from these realizations:

I have lived in my current home longer than any other since I was 12 (almost 5 years at Cakebread!)

I have been in school longer than ever before.

My longest relationship is over and has been over for just under a year.


Before 2007 I was a very transient gal. I lived in all sorts of places and moved around within them. I think the time spent moving between mom’s house and dad’s house informed a pattern of movement and comfort in not having a completely solid home base.

Now that I’ve been living in the same place for awhile, I notice that my stuff has accumulated a lot. I’m a person that gets attached to objects. I think not moving has exacerbated this tendency of mine.

I feel also that with each move that I made I was able to transcend my previous self and transform into more of myself. Being in a new place with new people with a new role offers an incredible opportunity to present and manifest new parts of myself!

Those moves coincided with my being a young adult, so of course a lot of personal transformation and growth was happening in general. I think the travel contributed to that growth and offered new avenues of interaction.

As my life has continued onward, I have accumulated not just stuff, but thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, etc, etc.. So much to hold in one person! My challenge now is to manage all that, to let it sink in and to just be with it, to be it. To carry on with lightness and dedication to what I value.


**How have you continued to transform as your life progresses?

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